Happy Tails


At CVAS we strive to find our animals loving homes where they will be cared for and cherished forever. If you've got a story to share about a furry friend that you adopted from CVAS, we would love to post it here. Email us with your story!




We adopted puppy Kane just over a week ago & wanted to say thank you for providing this wonderful addition to our family! Your good care & early training have made him a delight.

Kane loves living in the country & going on lots of walks. We took him to the beach earlier this week & he dabbled in the water, though he was cautious at first. He's getting along fairly well with our cat & really enjoys our kitten. He's bonded well with our family & we adore him!

Thought you might enjoy some pictures of "the last puppy" to be adopted from your recent batch taken in the sanctuary.




Since 7/11/15 when I was drawn to him he has been a great addition to our family. Our Anatolian Shepherd Dog Dargo liked him right away & our other child Mae (the deal breaker like I said) who is a black cat as well and was our second ever rescue before now, well she only took a few days to warm up to him. I wanted to let you know his name is now Koa (like the Hawaiian wood) and the kitty melt you saw the day he chose me has done nothing but increase! I had thoughts of calling him shadow because he wants to be by my side almost all the time. So rest your hearts & minds he's been a dream come true!!!!

Kane loves living in the country & going on lots of walks. We took him to the beach earlier this week & he dabbled in the water, though he was cautious at first. He's getting along fairly well with our cat & really enjoys our kitten. He's bonded well with our family & we adore him!

Thought you might enjoy some pictures of "the last puppy" to be adopted from your recent batch taken in the sanctuary.



Callie and Bodie

Update on our two happy health CVAS alumni... we adopted Callie (tortie/tux mix) via Kitty Harbor in Oct 2012 and had Bodie (full tux) delivered to us via the Seattle Humane: The Humane Society for Seattle/King County parking lot in April 2015. They're certainly enjoying life in the Big City and we LOVE them SO much!!

Thank you, Kerry Hendrickson




We wanted to let you know that Pierre is doing great! We changed his name to Russell shortly after he got here. New life! New name! It has been a month today since he came to live with us.He is gaining weight and seems to really enjoy his new home.

Thank you, Jodie Hommer



NickNack and Petie


NickNack and Petie were adopted together about a month ago. NickNack had been in the shelter for more than a year. Susie, their new mom lives in the Seattle area. Over the Christmas holiday she visited her sister Pat, one of our volunteers here in Colville and on Christmas day she went with Pat to the shelter to help with feeding and cleaning in the cat kennel. She meet NickNack and fell in love with him. She went back home a few days later but couldn't get NickNack out of her head. Three months later she ended up adopting him along with his friend Petie since they got along so well together and so they could keep eachother company when Susie was at work. About a month ago Pat drove the kitties to Seattle to their new home. Here is an update from Susie.

"Nicholas and Peter (previously NickNack and Petie) are settling in nicely, and so much fun. Nicholas had been in the shelter for over a year, mostly in a room about 6' by 10' living with other cats. Nickolas is fast trotting and galloping every chance he gets... I have thundering kitty paws running up and down my place often. It has been fun studying the relationship between the two cats. They are fond of each other and I watched them doing a mutual grooming session. Peter has only hissed once or twice, probably when Nicholas's grooming is overzealous. Peter is the "stable" one, Nicholas is a little airy, and skittery.He will need some more time to adjust since he was in the shelter for so long. Peter was in the shelter for just a few months, and I really think someone must be missing him, he is such a great cat. These guys are really easy going and friendly and I love having them here."



Arlo, formerly Mugsy


Here's a Happy Tail thanks to Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary. This is Arlo, formerly known as Mugsy. We officially adopted Arlo last October. What a little love pug. He's estimated to be about 8 years old. He's blind in one eye, and mostly deaf, but he doesn't know it, and it sure doesn't slow him down. He adjusted quite quick to his new home and his baby sister Lola.

We are so lucky and thankful for the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary for taking care of him until he found a forever home with us. Arlo and Lola love to take naps together and play with their dolls. They love treats. But mostly, they love to be outside playing. It's the most beautiful thing to see Arlo running. He's got a smile on his face and just looks so happy and free. He likes to snuggle. Big time. We put a bench at the foot of the bed so he can jump up at bedtime (yes, we sleep with dogs). It's so nice to have two pugs snoring and cuddled up close at night. We love Arlo. I think he kind of likes us too. :)

Thank you again Nancy, and to all the volunteers at the sanctuary for all the work you do.

Marci, Deer Park





Wanted to let you know that Penelope, (we call her Penny) has settled in and is well loved! The day I brought her home she acted as though she had lived here her whole life. She made friends with our dogs right away, and within a couple days was friends with our other cats without any drama! We love her and want to thank you for taking such great care of her!





Coco has been in her new home for a little over a month now and has seamlessly transitioned into her role as Best Cat in the World. By day, she enjoys snacking, making biscuits (kneading), and cuddles on the couch. Come dusk, she is playful and runs around with her new siblings before settling in for the night.

She loves to follow me around and rub her face against mine. :) I am so happy to have Coco in my life and am excited to make her golden years her very best. She is absolutely loved and cherished. Thank you!



Nibbles & Jackson


The top photo is Nibbles - in the front with her new best friend Sparky behind her. She has quickly adapted, gained weight and is climbing trees and eating tuna every morning.

This all black handsome old guy is Jackson. He too has adapted quite well - and is a constant companion ready for a lap anytime. He has a voracious appetite, never missing a meal and is quickly putting the weight back on that he had lost in the sanctuary.

They both have been to the vet, got their rabies shots and were perfectly behaved. Nibbles, came to us blind in her left eye, but it doesn't hamper her playfulness at all. She is going to the WSU opthomologist later this month just to make sure all is well.

We are so grateful for all you do for the animals - thank you!

Peter and Zoe



Jag (aka Snickers)


Just thought we’d send you an update and let you know that “Snickers” is now named “Jag” and we are all VERY happy!! We’ve logged at least 25 miles of runs and walks in the last few days. He’s great at sitting next to me at my desk while I work. There have been many happy couch snuggles with all three of us. He is adjusting to our entire family with total ease (my parents adore him). He loves his crate and was happy and eating the first day. He is absolutely fantastic and the sweetest dog ever! Thank you for bringing us all together :-).




Paco and Kahlua

Hello Becca and Nancy,
We adopted this cat about 5 weeks ago, and I just wanted to let you know how happy everyone is with him. He has no fear of our other dogs, and the puppy (not much "puppy" now) we got from you in January is really happy to have a young playmate. It is the most affectionate and playful cat I've ever had - very entertaining.
Thanks for all you do - we're so glad we found Paco and Kahlua.
Margie Durham


Floyd and Leo

This is Floyd and Leo, formerly known as Frito and Dorito. Their mom sent us these update photos. She says that it is not often that they are apart, they are so closely bonded. Frito and Dorito were part of a litter of kittens that were fostered by the Durnell family, one of our awesome foster families, I know they will love seeing photos of these guys all grown up



Daisy was a mess when she came to us. She had been on the run for over a month and had been shot in the mouth because she was caught killing chickens. She had shattered abscessing teeth and a nasal fistula caused by the bullet. We took her to SHS and Dr. Rowe worked on her teeth and luckily Daisy healed up and recovered just fine from her injuries. Jeanne and Larry had been on the lookout for a cocker as they had just lost one that was very dear to them. It was love at first sight when they met Daisy. They adopted Daisy and recently sent us an update...


Just want to share with all of you how it's going with Daisy and her new home. GREAT!!!!! She is so lovey and is really fitting in as if she has been here forever, almost. Still a little shy acting but not often anymore in fact she is the aggressor when she and Shelbie start to play.

We did have her groomed today as she had some really bad matting under her ears and her arm pits. The groomer, Lessa is the person that gave us the lead on Daisy. It appears she has had a really rough life, with quite a few scars on her body. She will never have to live in that kind of hell again, she will now be loved beyond belief. We think she knows that too.

Thank you for saving such a wonderful little girl that has brightened our lives,
Larry, Jeanne, Shelbie & Vonnie




We adopted Blue (aka Bingo) on April 12. We had lost our previous baby Midknight March 30 after ten years. We found Blue's picture on your site April 11 late that Friday night. We fell in love. We drove all night the 400 miles to get there. It was love at first sight. He has brought so much joy to our lives. He loves his stuffed squeaky toys, fishing, hiking, swimming, bones, dog parks, Petco cookie bar, and cuddling. He is almost six months now and weighs 50 pounds. He is our little miracle after our terrible tragedy....Norman and Kimberly Kiehm....Fort Lewis WA




Hello Nancy and Sanctuary Staff,
We've only had Abby for 11 days and she has come a LONG way! When we got her, she was so timid and shy, did not make a peep, could not go up and down the stairs without being carried (she needs to lose some weight!) and her tail was always between her legs. Now she is so full of energy! Running around, so excited to see us, I have even heard the occasional bark at the neighbour's dog! She has no problem going up and down stairs and has even lost 6 ounces. Her and Paco (on the right) are becoming close buddies as you can see!
We're so lucky to have Abby in our home!
Thank you so much,
Myra & Wayne

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Hi! I've been meaning to send you an update on "Odin" for the past couple of months and finally am sitting down to do just that. "Odin" is now Joey, also affectionately known as Joe-Joe or Yo-Yo. He is a fantastic addition to our family! He tolerates the dogs until they get too close, at which time he firmly puts them in their place. He has become good friends with his sister, Lily, who has been with us since she was born. They play together, nap together and watch birds out the window while sitting side-by-side.

Joey is full of spunk and yet an absolute snuggler. His favorite thing is warm towels fresh out of the dryer. He is a good boy about using the scratching post instead of clawing the furniture. We had him shaved to get rid of some hefty mats in his beautiful long fur. It's growing back nicely. We are so grateful to have Joey as a part of our family. Thank you for all you do! ~Paul, Amy and Josh Hill

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Patches is a deaf red Heeler pup who came to us after changing homes a few times because his owners couldn't handle him, or communicate with him. He was definitely a handful and we realized right away that he needed someone who understood deaf dogs, but not only deaf dogs, a deaf herding dog!

We were blessed to be put in touch with Gayle Long from Heeler Haven in the Seattle area. She agreed to take him and work with him, then find him a good home. And that is exactly what happened!

Patches, now known as Red Zepplin found the perfect home and the perfect owner named Walter. Walter owns a motorcycle repair shop. He takes Red to work with him everyday. Red now has a wonderful life, working with his Dad Walter, and living the good life on Whidbey Island.

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After 20 long months spent living in animal shelters, Gracie finally found her forever home! We want to give a big shout out to Forget Me Not Animal Shelter, they were finally able to find this wonderful dog her forever home.

Gracie was with us at the sanctuary for 1 year and 2 months. We were having zero luck trying to find her a loving home and felt she would have a better chance if she were to go somewhere else. That was when the wonderful folks at Forget Me Not Animal Shelter in Republic offered to take Gracie and try to find her a home in their area.

After a further 6 months spent at Forget Me Not Animal Shelter the right person finally walked in, fell in love with Gracie and took her home!

Thank you so much Forget Me Not, this just goes to show that we should never give up, if the right home cannot be found in one area, we need to look elsewhere, there is a perfect person out there for them all, networking is the key!
Yay for Gracie, it looks like she hit the jackpot!

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Winston, who we called Jack when he lived at the shelter, was a very sweet and loving dog but he had alot of anxiety and fears. He was adopted by a wonderful woman named Mary in Kamloops B.C.

Mary worked really hard with Winston to help him over come his fears and anxiety. She wrote recently to tell us that finally she has had a breakthrough. Here is Mary's story about how she helped Winston, for those of you out there who might be going through a similar situation, this very well might also work for your pet.


Winston is settling in very well. A friend of mine who owns a pet grooming business told me about these new coats called “ Thunder Shirts “. They are for all types of anxiety. Car travel anxiety, leash training and to stop leash pulling, house training, crate anxiety, any type of noise anxiety. You name it. They Velcro around the neck and lie flat on the dog’s back (see image). It is like swaddling a baby in a blanket to help them feel secure, or when you give an autistic child a hug to calm them down. WELL ..... it works.

And the neat thing is that you buy them at the pet store. The shirt is 100% guaranteed to work. If it doesn't work in 45 days you can take it back to the store for a FULL refund. Winston was so afraid to go for a walk out on the sidewalk along the street. People walking towards us would absolutely FREAK HIM OUT. If a man came towards us he would GO BERSERK. If another dog was walking along the sidewalk even on the other side of the road, he would GO NUTS. If a car passed he would hide behind my legs. So we never went for walks out on the street, I kept him in the back yard from Sept. 2013 to just three weeks ago in April 2014. Then I bought him a Thunder Shirt.

Well now we go for walks. ALL OVER THE SUBDIVISION. People coming towards us doesn't fizzle him at all. Other dogs are coming towards us on a leash and he stops and stands beside me. If they don’t lunge at him, he will go over to them and they sniff each other and up goes his tail. No problem. He actually goes and gets his leash when I say …." Let’s go for a walk!!!" Next was THE CAR. OH MY GOODNESS. HE WOULD THROW UP EVERY TIME WE WOULD GO FOR A RIDE.. With the shirt on………… He salivated the first few rides we took but did NOT throw up at all. Each time I would take him for a car ride I would act very excited and use lots of inflections when saying "Let’s go for a CAR RIDE!" now he loves it. We would go a short distance and add an extra block each time we go out. Today was unique. I went 4 blocks to Staples to send a fax and took him with me. Left him in the car by himself (on the loose) and went into the store, ended up being in there 10 minutes. Came out and he was lying down on the front seat waiting for me.

We drove the long way home about another 6 blocks and made it all the way down and back and he DID NOT THROW UP. The last thing is that my girlfriend came over to visit and brought her wire-haired Jack Russell, who is spayed female. Well Winston now has a girlfriend. They played together all afternoon. It was fantastic. He is still a bit apprehensive of men (but I think that will change in time I hope.) if we pass one who is walking a dog he is OK as long as they don’t get too close. But other dogs and females he is fine with. So I hope in time he forgets the abuse and comes around. This shirt is fantastic and I wanted to share his progress and the information about the Thunder Shirt with you. They sell for $39.95 with a full 100% guarantee for 45 days to work or return it. A pet is NOT a pet as far as I am concerned. The dog or cat is PART OF MY FAMILY as Winston has become and another one of my children. To be treated with tender loving care, and looked after as part of the family. You get back what you give and Winston is such a loving puppy. He is also very attached to me now. But if I go out somewhere, he goes into his safe place (his large crate) and he loves it too. So all is good. Thank you again for allowing me to adopt him. I love him so much.
Best Wishes,
Mary McKnight
Kamloops, B.C.


For those who are interested in more info, here is the ThunderShirt website.

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Max is a wonderful, affectionate, loving cat who came to us when he was 3-5 years old, he was un-neutered and had lived his life as a stray roaming and fighting, he had many scars to prove it. But his personality is no less friendly for his tough life. Unfortunately, due to all the fighting Max was found to have FIV, or feline aids (not contagious to humans). We knew we would have a rough time finding him a good home.

This is Max when he first came to us.

Max hit the jackpot though, on the day that Debbie McGill Scott came in. She recently sent us an update and a new photo of Max, who frankly, doesn't even look like the same cat! He is sleek, fat, sassy and totally thriving under Debbie's loving care!

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Cupcake is a kitten that was raised in one of our foster homes from the time she was just a few days old. As a result she got some great socialization, not only with humans but also with other cats and even dogs so when she was old enough for adoption, she was perfectly ok with them. Cupcake is now happily living in her forever home and has become fast friends with Scruffy the Siamese kitty - her new brother and very best friend.

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Queenie and Sebastian




Queenie and Sebastian both won the Jackpot when they were adopted together by Charlie Meyers. Both kitties were having a hard time finding their forever homes, both for different reasons. But Charlie took this unlikely pair in and even though it was a rocky start, both cats have really come around and are now settled in and happy in their new home. Great job Charlie!

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Because the original people who wanted to adopt Twinkie then decided that she was too old and not cute, Beth Durnell, Twinkie's original foster mom, talked her Dad into letting her adopt Twinkie back. All I can say is...how could anyone think this little girl was not cute???


Beth sent us this update on Twinkie....

Twinkie seemed to remember our house when we got her home (after having spent that past few months at the shelter).

When we brought her home, she acted like she had never left. She plays with Charlotte, chases Jane, the ornery cat, and gets along with the dogs. She also sits with me in my computer chair, plays with toys, watches birds out the window with my Dad, and loves to sleep.

Twinkie being groomed by Charlotte


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When we posted little Silky (now called Sadie) on our FaceBook page we got a call in just a few hours from Stacy Frost saying that she wanted Silkie and was prepared to drive all the way from Seattle in bad weather to come and get her! And that is exactly what she and her family did! Here is Stacy telling why this was so important to her and I think you will understand why we felt too that this was the perfect home for Silkie...

I'm incredibly grateful for my new dog Sadie. I'm allergic to everything so I'm very limited in what kind of pets I can have. My last little Bichon Frise (Pipa) passed when she was just 13 two years ago next month. She was a birthday present from my husband and my first dog.

The day after I found Sadie, Sean and I rented a four-wheel-drive SUV with traction tires so we could get over the mountain passes and drove 22 hours in two days to get her from the shelter.

We don't have children and it finally feels like we're a family (not just a couple) again. Ironically my birthday is in a few days and again I've gotten the gift of unconditional love. Not just from her but for her as well. Is there anything more precious in this life?

And then when we saw the two together and saw all the joy, we knew we had made a perfect match.

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Ursa, short for Ursa Minor or "Little Bear", what a perfect name! We called him Max during his short stay at the shelter.
Ursa's family sent us an update. They tell us that he has settled into the family nicely and is doing really well. They also sent us this video clip.

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Jaxon aka Little Prince came to us in very rough shape as a 10 week old kitten. He was a pitiful sight and very lucky to be alive. You can read his story here.

End of December 2013, Stephanie saw Little Prince's listing and story and wrote to us. She came to meet him and fell in love. She adopted him. She has since written to give us updates and shared photos of how Little Prince, who is now known as Jaxon is doing.
Stephanie writes:

"We have all fallen head over heels for little Jaxon (Little Prince). He is one of the sweetest cats I have ever known. He is so loving, and purrs up a storm. He has finally been accepted by the other resident cats, so is feeling at home and playing like crazy now, too. He is just so freakin' sweet!! Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary, you guys did a great job raising him!"

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Delilah is a female yellow lab mix, one of a litter of 3 that we took in at the shelter. All of these pups were shy and unsure not having gotten much in the way of socialization . Delilah was recently adopted by Mary S. Mary sent us this update and photos.

"Just wanted to update you on Delilah, she is coming out of her shell! She loves to run after our other dog Juno in the field. She is getting used to house noises , but she still doesn’t like to go through doors. Here are a couple pictures. When my 3rd graders saw the picture of her on the couch, they told me her name should be Dobby because her ears look lil Dobby the wizard’s ears from harry potter!"

We think the kids are right! There is quite a resemblance!

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We got this message and photo from the Toulou family who recently adopted Penelope, a very sweet tortie kitty.

"Wanted to let you know that Penelope, (we call her Penny) has settled in and is well loved! The day I brought her home she acted as though she had lived here her whole life. She made friends with our dogs right away, and within a couple days was friends with our other cats without any drama! We love her and want to thank you for taking such great care of her!"

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Hector came to us as a 10 month old Lab/Shep cross puppy whose owner could no longer keep him. Hector is a high energy boy who loves the water, loves riding in a car and he really loves to play with other dogs. Hector was a bit shy and needed someone to help him come out of his shell. Robert gave us a call and came out to meet Hector. The two hit it off and have become best friends. Robert has sent us photos and a few short videos of Hector's new life. We are so happy for him, where he lives now is just perfect for him.

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Beth wrote to us inquiring about a dog she hoped to adopt as a companion for herself and her senior dog Koco. Beth and Koco drove up to the shelter to meet one of our dogs, which soon became apparent, wouldn't be a good fit. Then they met Petie, who got along great with Koco and seemed to be a very good fit. Beth adopted Petie and after just a bit of training (just like any dog of cat who has just been adopted, Petie had to learn the rules of that particular household) Petie settled in and is now a much loved and happy member of the family.

Here is a short video of Petie and Koco playing in the back yard.

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This handsome boy is Diesel. Diesel was adopted recently by the Curry family. They sent this photo the other day and a note saying that, "Diesel is such a fun part of the family he is so funny, when he goes to sleep on your lap, he has to suck his toes till he falls asleep" We're so very happy for Diesel and the Curry family, he looks like he feels right at home and totally in charge!

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Here is little Dori who was recently adopted by the Vining family. They sent this photo the other day saying that she is settling in very well and that they absolutely love her! I think she looks like a very happy kitty as well. This is what it is all about!

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This is Charlotte, formally known as Doc. This is how she looked when we first got her. She was rescued from the middle of the road by a guy who was out running. She had crusty eyes and could barely keep them open. She also had some sort of upper respiratory infection.

My mom and I took her home to “foster” for CVAS, until she got better. She made herself at home right away by checking out every room in the house the day she got here. She also became a great playmate for our 1-year-old cat, Phoebe. In fact, they got along so well, my mom and I were going to be sad for Phoebe if we had to give her up. After talking with my mom, I went to my dad and said, “If I offer to help pay for kitten food (because that was one of the things he didn’t like about having three cats), could we keep Charlotte?” My dad said, “You don’t have to pay for anything. I kind of like that cat.” So she is here to stay.

Charlotte recently went to her first fair and got a grand champion and trophy for being the best cat!

Now Charlotte even helps take care of the kittens that we foster for the shelter.

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In October my family and I adopted a sweet little 4 month old yellow lab puppy from your wonderful organization. My Dad and I drove in from Bellingham to pick her up. You were calling her Molly, but we ended up changing her name to Breeze.


I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful dog she is and how much we love her. I have two young sons (ages 2 and 3) and she adores them as much as they adore her.

She is such an easy going dog. She is very laid back and easy to get along with. She also get along very well with our cats, after some initial chasing, and even plays with our youngest cat, Sparta. They gently wrestle and play tag around the house.


She is very smart and has completed two level of obedience school and will be starting agility classes in the Fall. Despite her young age, she is very well behaved and loves to just hang around with us. She is so sweet and gentle that my 3 year old can walk her when we go on our daily walks and she just walks nicely beside him.


Thank you again for allowing us to add her to our family!
Heather Seigman

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This is Bianca, whom we rescued from a bad hoarding situation along with 20 or so other kitties. All the kitties were ill and neglected and Bianca was so extremely shy, we weren't sure if she would ever find her forever home. We sent Bianca, along with a few other of her old house mates, to Seattle Humane Society, knowing that they would have a much better chance at adoption there. Well Bianca DID get adopted and we just got an email from Seattle Humane, that they received from Bianca's new owner. Here is what she has to say:


"I got Bianca (now having the full name of Lady Bianca of Colville) from you sometime in early May and I have witnessed some major changes with this beauty. When I first brought Bianca home she was extremely shy, constantly hiding behind the toilet in the bathroom. She would get upset whenever myself or Lord Scruffy of Kyle (we just call him Scruffy for short) went up to her. We both gave her space to get comfortable and within a couple of weeks she became a very social little girl! Whenever I wake up now I will open my bedroom door to see both Bianca and Scruffy (whom get along quite well now) at my doorway, lying down right next to one another, awaiting my arrival.


When I get home from work she will walk up to me in a calm, confident manner and rub herself against my legs, purring herself like crazy. She lays all around the apartment without any fears of what is around her. However, she does have her favorite spot that gives her a safe place to lounge when she wants. It's a little kitty "cave" that contains and upper level and a lower one. She claims the lower spot while Scruffy always takes the upper.


Bianca is also a very good eater. She's always super happy when I walk up to my fridge and pull out the wet kitty food, meowing and purring constantly. She is the perfect addition to our home! Scruffy and I love having her around and we thank you guys for letting her into our lives. :)

Amber Shephard
Bothell, WA

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Hi Nancy and staff/ volunteers,
First off, Gus is doing great! What a super dog! Thank-you so much for all the good, loving care that you all provided for him. The 1st week that I had him, I was visiting a friend and up pulled a black Outback Subaru (I think this is the same kind of car that Laura drives). Gus was so excited and happy when he saw the car and the woman (even though she wasn't Laura) come out to pet him.
He loves all people- adults/ kids and is doing ok with other dogs that he meets on our adventures. We have been to numerous parks, events, and Starbuck's. He especially enjoys going on hikes in the woods and - hoping to be able to catch a squirrel- but listens to me when I tell him to "leave it".

We will start training at Diamonds in the Ruff next month. We might even pursue the therapy dog certification- depends on how well we both like the training. I'm looking forward to the summer/ fall hiking season w/ Gus and some fun road trip/ adventures.
Again, thank-you to all of you- especially Nancy, Laura and anyone else who spent time w/ Gus. He's a special dear and loved lots. You all make such a difference in the lives of dogs and cats each and every day- Thank-you, thank-you! Gus and I will plan a visit sometime later this summer. "
Kathy McGary

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Abby came to us as an older cat with health problems that her former owner did not want to deal with. Abby is a frail girl but feisty, and needed someone who was willing to show her love, affection and patience, someone to give her a loving home despite her age and health challenges. Kitties like this have a very hard time finding a home so we were thrilled when Louise came in and fell in love with Abby, and adopted her without hesitation. That was approximately 1 year ago and Abby is doing great!

Louise has given Abby the loving and compassionate home that she so needed and we are so grateful to her. What a wonderful kitty mom she is!








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Romeo and Benoveo



My name is Jessica Nielsen. I adopted two kittens from the sanctuary at the beginning of February. I thought those of you at CVAS might be interested in seeing where the boys turned up.
Takia and Trey - now Romeo and Benvoleo. They have been growing at an incredible rate and no longer really look like kittens, rather handsome young cats. Romeo really fits his name: he's a lover and a roamer. Everyone likes him and he loves running around the house and our yard exploring.

Benvoleo is a winey little prince! He's such a fluffy handsome boy, but he is a SCAREDY CAT! But I love him dearly and we will spend long minutes cuddling.


(This is Benoveo)


(This is Romeo)

Thank you so much for your work. I love those kitties so much and I have them all thanks to you.


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Dom DeLuise (aka Tweed)

We had a stray kitten show up when we moved our trucking company office into Kettle Falls and 'Eight' became a part of our trucking family. She was at home in a truck as well as in our office.  We wanted her to be an indoor cat due to the fact we are on HWY 395, however Eight had other idea's we had her for almost a year and then she was hit when she got out at the end of the work day and didn't want to come back in for the night. 

There was a void left in the office after we lost Eight and so I contacted the Animal Sanctuary looking for an indoor kitty.  I was immediately called back and informed that they had the perfect cat for me, his name was Tweed.  He had been left in a house after his owner went into nursing home, the sanctuary rescued him and he lived at the sanctuary for almost a year then Tweed came to live at our office.

We changed his name to Dom Delouise he has a cat mat with his name on it, gets his dry food and
some soft food twice a day. He loves to spend an excessive amount of time on my desk preferably right in front of the key board so I have to stop working and pet him for a good ten minutes.  The rest of the time he likes to lay in his special cat bed that reflects his body heat so he stays nice and cozy. He meows at the drivers as they come into the office and will glance out the door when its opened but has no desire to go outside.  Dom has full run of the office but spends most of his time on my desk or on my file cabinet next to my desk in his cat bed.  Thank you for finding us the perfect office Kat.  He has become a part of Big Foot Transportation and greets everyone who comes to the office.
 ~Teresa Skeen         


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"Tycho is a Lab "Mix" and a member of Boeing's K-9 rescue program.  He was adopted from the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary in 2007 in Eastern Washington and brought to Boeing where he received all his training.  He passed his training and was initially certified in December 2009.  While at work his duties include searching searching delivery trucks, aircraft, shipping and receiving areas, and suspicious packages.  Tycho also helps provide security for VIP's visiting Boeing property.

While off duty, Tycho is just like any other dog.  His hobbies include sleeping by the fire place, swimming and chasing his "brother and sisters", retired K-9 Rocky (Belgian Malinois), Lella (German Shepherd), and Kira (Shiba Inue)."

We received this from his owner.  We are so proud of him and are proud that he was from our shelter.  All our dogs have such wonderful potential, maybe not the same as Tycho, but something special in them all. 



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Suzy Q

This is little Suzy Q, she was adopted from the Sanctuary in April 2012. Jo her adoptive mom says that little Suzy Q is a wonderful little dog with personality plus! "We just love her so much, Thank you for bringing her into our lives."

And thank you Jo for taking her into your life!

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This is Sangria, exploring her new cat tree!
(Sangria is a littermate to Giro and Inka, who I wrote about down below) She was adopted by Sue Marvin of Ellensburg just a few days after Giro and Inka were adopted. Sue also adopted 2 other indoor kitties named Simi and Fiddler, and two of our semi-feral kitties who will live in her wonderful "cathouse" an outdoor building that is heated and provides lots of beds and cosy places for a semi-feral kitty to be happy. Sue lives out in the country so the kitties have lots of land to explore. Perfect for wilder kitties.

And Sue's awesome little cathouse! Thank you Sue for helping so many of our kitties!

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Giro and Inka

These cuties were adopted by the Bomberger family. Amy writes:

"Giro and Inka (now Stripe and Sparkle) relaxing like only kittens can. They are feeling good and getting used to their new home. They both slept with my son last night (after a little piano playing in the night!). Thanks for these cuties. We love them already!"

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Kim adopted a cute and playful shepard/chow cros puppy from us recently. Here is a note that we got from her a few days ago:

"We adopted "Dakotah" 3 weeks ago, and he is just perfect. He gets along great with my other two small dogs and my daughter. He is just so sweet.  Thanks so much for allowing him to come into our lives. He is so smart and growing like a weed, already up to 25.2 pounds at 16 weeks!"
Kim Foht
Lewiston, Idaho

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This is Marco, a spunky and playful Blue Heller cross. He was 11month old when Elinor Young adopted him. Elinor is a crutch user and so can't go unaided on the long walks that she and Marco crave, but with the help of a rugged mobility scooter, to which she has attached a retractable leash, they are able to go just about anywhere. It hooks on Marco's harness on top of his shoulders so doesn't choke him and doesn't get tangled under his legs. Unless he's being narky.  Oh, and yes, this scooter can even handle up to 4 or 5 inches of snow!

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Sunshine was one of our shy kittie. We get many of them every year. Kitties that are semi-feral, or that just never got much human attention so they are a bit shy and nervous around people. Our volunteers spend hundreds of hours every year working with our shy kitties to help them become more adoptable.

Sunshine was lucky, Lois, her new owner, came in and even though she knew Sunshine was shy, she adopted her anyway and continued working with her at home. Sunshine has blossomed under Lois's gentle and patient encouragement and is really beginning to come out of her shell!

Thank you Lois for taking a chance on this girl, we are so happy for the both of you!

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This is a picture of Bob and Connie Ziegler. A couple of years ago they had to move (they worked for their Church and were moved to Salt Lake City.) They were unable to take Bandit (the big dog) with them so asked us to take her. The way they initially got her was: Bob and Connie were taking a walk down a county road, when all of a sudden Bandit popped out of the bushes and followed them. She was alone and lost and decided that Bob and Connie were going to be her new parents.

Well Connie and Bob were devastated when they had to leave her as they did not know if they would ever see her again. When they brought her to the shelter before moving, Bandit was heartbroken and Bob and Connie felt like they had betrayed an old friend. Even though Bandit was up for adoption, no one ever looked at her, it was like she just decided to wait for Connie and Bob.

Well 14 long months passed and we were notified by Bob that they were finally moving to an area where they could have Bandit. Every month they had checked our website to see if we still had her. The day they came to pick her up, she just jumped in the back of there SUV like she knew they would always come to get her. It was a very beautiful and joyful reunion. The Lord works in mysterious ways, that is why we think no one ever wanted to adopt her.

(this is one of the very few cases where the owner actually came back for their pet)

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Wilbur (aka Brad Pitt) came to the Sanctuary from a hoarding/neglect situation. He was living, locked in a kennel on a carport, with snow-water runoff, pouring into the kennel...the conditions were absolutely deplorable. We rescued him along with 14 other kitties, all locked in kennels.

One day a woman named Sandra came to the Sanctuary, she wanted to help by fostering kitties for us. Her first kitty was Wilbur.

Sandra soon discovered that she wouldn't be able to give up a foster kitty. This was bad news for us (she is wonderful with animals, we would have loved to have her as a foster mom!). But it was great news for wilbur!
Here he is today, in his wonderful home with Sandra.

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Bob came to the Sanctuary from a bad hoarding situation, so to say that in the beginning he had a rough time is a huge understatement!

We wanted Bob to find his new family as quickly as possible so we sent him to one of our Partner Shelters on the west-side as soon as we could. He was  kindly taken in by Homeward Pet Adoption Center and was soon adopted by a wonderful family.

Here is a letter that they sent recently...

"We adopted our big beautiful Bob from you in January so I suppose it is time for a six month update! Bob is a DLH Maine coon mix so he is just huge, I mean big, he has maintained a hefty 17 pounds of toy-chasing muscle. He was so shy when we brought him home all he did was hide in the pantry and under the covers in our bed. Slowly he came out of his shell, becoming 100% of the cat we knew he would be. He has learned to play, only by himself at first, but then with toys on strings, and slowly working up to play with us up-close, now he even fetches if we use his special favorite toy. He recently had a haircut, trimmed his body down to 1" for the warmer months, leaving him with his mane and tail tip, to no avail, his fur is half way grown back already. He is king of the house now, always at our sides, singing to us and carrying on about cat things in his loudest voice, which we encourage fully. Every day he surprises us with some way of showing us he truly is the best cat in the universe. Thank you so much for having beautiful creatures like this available for adoption.


The Harberts

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Fluffers and Sampson

Sampson and Fluffers had lived outside, under the porch of their home for many many years. They did well outside but they also really craved affection and loved to be around people. When their mom told one of our volunteers that she was moving and couldn't take them and needed to find homes ASAP, we posted their story on our website. We really wanted to find a place where both of them could go together, but we would be happy just to find them good homes at all! We had listed them as outdoor kitties and barn or shop kitties since they had been outside for so long, but knowing that they would also love to live inside given the chance.

Well Donna and Bruce saw Sampson and Fluffers on our website and wrote to us immediately. At first it was thought that they would live in their barn as well-cared-for barn cats, but that didn't last long! They have now become a real part of the family and enjoy the life of not only pampered outdoor kitties, but indoor kitties as well! They are also enjoying all the grooming and attention, their coats just shine and they look so happy!

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Pepper (aka Sgt. Pepper) came to us as an absolute ball of energy in constant motion! His hunting and stalking instincts are true to his breed. He loved to run, and swim and fetch and play for hours and hours!

Jay found Pepper while doing an online search for Brittanys and he and his family called and scheduled an appointment to meet him.

Jay describes his first meeting with Pepper...

"He was a blur of orange and white packed into 50 lbs. of muscle and fur, handsome, but with burs matted into his chest and leg hair. He knocked me down as I tried pulling some burrs from his belly hair, but I managed to pull a tick from the inside of an ear, and another from his neck. "He's a runner," Nancy said, and he was all of that. He raced around the compound until we could have a lead put on his collar and take him for a walk along a tree-lined path. Karen and I liked him immediately. Donovan said, "He's not the right dog for you - too much energy." We took him."

Jay keeps a blog where he has been writing about his adventures with Pepper. He is a great writer and Pepper is proving to be a handful but I think it will all work out well in the end! Jay is determined and Pepper is a smart dog who learns quickly!



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Brutus is a big dog and strong, he's an Irish Wolfhound mix. We couldn't keep him confined in a kennel, he was just too big, so he happily roamed freely around the Sanctuary grounds. He was such a sweet dog, and loved everyone, he spent alot of time on the front porch just lounging and enjoying life.

Then Suzanna saw him and fell in love! She says he is settling in well and that they are a perfect match. Judging from the picture I would agree!

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Shushi came to us as a very ill stray kitten. She had extensive damage to one of her eyes due to a feline virus. Looking at the condition of the eye we feared that it was already too late and that she would lose it. We sent this picture of Shushi's eye to one of the vets at HomeWard Pet Adoption Center to see if she thought she could save it. She told us to bring Shushi to her and she would do her best.


Well as it turns out, the veterinarian who treated Shushi fell in love with her, she worked like the blazes and she managed to save Sushi's eye! There is a bit of cloudiness and it is not 100% and never will be but she has her eye and see can see with it!
Tessa the vet ended up adopting Shushi. She recently sent us this update...


"Shushi is a sweetie and getting along great with the dogs (as you will see from the pictures).

She particularly enjoys playing with doggie tails. She also enjoys her intensive nightly play session, where we get to witness some pretty amazing jumps and leaps! She is "chubby kitty" no more...though I can see why she was a chubby kitten as she wants to eat all the time and has tried to eat the dogs' food on several occasions. We have to separate her when we are feeding them, otherwise she jumps right in and starts chowing down with them! She loves to give "hugs and kisses" as my husband calls it....she jumps in his lap, puts her paws on his shoulders and rubs against his face. Our daughter of course,  adores her and is quite excited to have a kitty again. She quickly became a well-loved family member!"





We couldn't be happier for this sweet little girl!



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Bodi came to us as a big boisterous puppy, his owners sadly had to give him up when they realized that they could not keep up with an active puppy and a newborn baby at the same time.

Bodi is such an amazing dog that we knew he wouldn't be with us long and we were right! Several wonderful families immediately stepped up in hopes of adopting Bodi.

It was such a hard decision to make, but in the end, Bodi went to an absolutely perfect new home with Vickie and her husband Bob.

Vickie wrote recently to tell us how Bodi was adjusting...

" My husband Bob and I adopted Bodi 2 weeks ago. He is the joy of my life. He has such a sweet nature. Can not believe our incredible luck at getting this special boy.

 We lost our Mastiff in December and were
absolutely heart broken. When I saw Bodi I knew it had to be him. He has become my shadow but loves Bob too. He is curious about the cats and the chickens and wants to play with our other dog Sierra. She tolerates him and lets him play with the toys sometimes. I think as time goes on she will become his buddy. Bodi just takes the toys other times. He hardly barks at all. He jumps into the shower if your in there and loves to have a bath.

He comes to work with me some days and other days he stays at home where he has a acre of fenced yard. We take long walks in the woods near the house and he gets lots of sniffin time. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I found Bodi on the website. He makes my life a joy. He is the last thing I see at night and first to greet me in the morning. He sleeps right next to my bed. Aside from having chewed up my slippers and thinking he needs ti sit in my lap he minds his manners pretty well. Thanks for this incredible dog. I am sure who ever surrendered him must be heartsick about it."

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Zachary came to us as a stray, just 4 months old, wandering along the hwy. no collar, no microchip... He was already neutered and house broken.

As you can see from the photo he had a cloudy eye, after taking him to the ophthalmologist we learned that he had a congenital cataract which would never resolve and couldn't be repaired through surgery.

We placed Zachary in a foster home so he could get as much socialization and attention as possible.

Well, it seems that the foster family just fell completely in love with little Zachary and they have made him a permanent member of their family. We are just thrilled for him!


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It is always a challenge to find homes for our older pets; most people want a young pet, one they can grow with over many many years. We always worry for our older pets. It is sad to see them come to us, confused and dejected, not understanding what is happening to them. After living in a home all their lives they now find themselves tossed out just because they are now aging. This is not always the reason, but many times, sadly it is.
Tabby was just such a case. She is 12 years old, and has mild kidney disease which her previous owner did not want to deal with. We found that her condition was easily controlled by diet at this point but her added condition made it even more unlikely she would be adopted.

But Tabby is one of the few lucky ones! She was taken in by a wonderful woman in Spokane who had actually already taken in a few older kitties from us before! This is truly a special lady! It takes a special person to beable to see beyond the shorter time they might have with the animal as well and the health problems the animal may be experiencing as they age and who can adopt these animals and give them a chance to spend their final years in a safe, loving environment. We are so happy that Tabby was able to find such a special person!

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Francis came to us as a stray with a badly broken front leg. The vet was unable to save the leg, so we had to have it amputated. Over the course of his treatment and recovery Francis gained his own group of fans amongst our supporters and they helped us alot with the costs of his surgery and related care. You can read all about Francis here.

We knew we would have a hard time finding a home for this special guy here in our small community so once Francis had recovered, he was sent to Woodinville to Homeward Pet one of our amazing partner shelters! I can tell you, he didn't have long to wait before his perfect family showed up and brought him home!

We are so happy for Francis and wish all stories could end so happily!

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Pike, formerly known as Doodle, is a senior dog who lived at the Sanctuary for quite some time. Being an older fellow, it was not easy finding people interested in adopting him.

Pike was transported to one of our partner shelters in Woodinville called Homeward Pet. With the advantage of a much larger community, we hoped this would help Pike to find his forever home.

Well we are happy to report that we've gotten word from Homeward Pet that Pike has been adopted and is enjoying life with his new family. They sent us this picture and added this note:

"Just a quick note to let you know that we just adore Pike. He’s doing great – a cute

 pix is attached. Has lost some weight and he is moving better with meds twice a day. He loves to go for walks and he occasionally breaks out into a short trot – and looks terribly proud of himself for doing so.

He is a darling old guy. Orson (our yellow lab) seems to like having a doggy-buddy around. We also have 2 cats who have welcomed him in their own passive-cat-way. :) Our nearly-3-year-old son adores Pike too. Originally, you were cautious to adopt Pike into a home with kids under 10 – but he loves our toddler and there’s lots of hugging going on. We’re just thrilled to have him with us.

 I hope lots of lucky kids and kids-at-heart adopt pets for Valentine’s Day. A wonderful way to share the love. Thanks, Suzie. "

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Bear has a special story. He's one of our senior dogs and he came to us along with Daisy, whom tragically died in the fire that destroyed our puppy cabin. Bear would have died as well but he happened to be out in the exercise pen when the fire started. Spokane Humane Society took three of our senior dogs that day so we could get them out of the cold, Bear happened to be one of those dogs.

The rest of the senior dogs were taken into kennel manager's kitchen where they could have a warm place to sleep.

Bear never had a very good life, he and Daisy came to us from an elderly man who kept them closed up in pens and didn't spend much time with them They never really knew what a loving home was.

But fortunately for Bear he was adopted shortly after arriving at Spokane Humane Society, Harry and his wife Linda saw Bear and fell in love with him and brought him home where he can live out his remaining years in comfort and love.



Hal saw him on Petfinder, immediately called us to see Maxx, the next day he made the long drive from BC to meet Maxx. It was love at first sight and Maxx was on his way to BC with Hal. As you can see from the picture Hal sent, Maxx is now in a wonderful forever home with people who love him.


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Bell was seen on Petfinder by a wonderful family in the Spokane area.  They saw something in Bell that told them this little girl will just fit in with our very active family.  Her new family sends us up dates from time to time and reports that she was the star of her obedience class and loves sailing and kayaking.


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Adopted to a wonderful family that lives in British Columbia.  Bambie being a very active Australian Shepard will live a great life hiking, learning agility, and training for search and rescue.

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A young Australian Shepard/Jack Russell mix,  Abandoned near the shelter and adopted by a great active family in British Columbia.  He has become the mascot for his young owner's soccer team.  He likes to comfort his young team mates when they get bumps and bruises.  What a lucky little dog.

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