Foster Care


What is a foster care parent?

Foster care parents are like an extension to the boundaries of our shelter, allowing us to help even more animals than we could possibly keep on site. They help the sanctuary and save lives by providing temporary care and shelter for; dogs, cats, kittens and puppies. Foster care parents care for, and shelter pets in their own homes, until such a time as we have room at the sanctuary, the pet is recovered enough to return to the sanctuary, or they are ready to be adopted. This can take anywhere from 2 weeks up to several months depending on the case and the needs of the animal.

By offering your time, energy and home to an animal in need, you prepare the animal for adoption into a permanent home as well as helping to prevent overcrowding in our shelter.

CVAS is always in need of foster care parents, especially throughout spring and summer when the sanctuary is literally bursting at the seams with kittens and puppies.

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Why become a foster care parent?

Foster parenting is hugely rewarding and enjoyable work. It is not always easy, but the knowledge that you are fulfilling a very important role within the community and saving lives makes it all worth while. You are also helping to ease the burden on busy, full and short-handed shelters.

Why do animals need foster care?

  • Foster care can help save an animal’s life when a shelter is full.

  • Some animals don’t do well in a shelter environment because they are frightened or need a little extra care.

  • Newborn animals that have lost their mother, need to be bottle-fed and require round the clock care in the earliest days of their lives, which is more easily done by a foster care parent.

  • Cats and dogs who are nursing a litter do better in a quieter calmer setting making a foster care home a better option for them.

  • Animals who have been injured, have had surgery, or have been neglected or traumatized need time to heal and recover before they can be adopted.

Whatever the reason, these animals need some extra love, care and attention before they can be adopted. Providing foster care for a few days, weeks, or months can be a lifesaving gift for an animal.

What will CVAS provide?

CVAS takes care of all the medical bills and will supply the pet medications, food, formula and anything else you require to take care of one of our animals.

What are the requirements?

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • If you are renting you must have the consent of your landlord to foster animals in the home.
  • You must have the consent of other people living in the home.
  • You must have a calm environment for the animal to live in, or a spare room where the animal can have a place away from the activity of a busy household.

Do I need any special skills?

There are no special skills required. A general understanding of animal behavior is helpful and if you have experience working with animals or have fostered animals before, of course that is a huge help. But if you haven't done anything like that, don't worry, we can help to teach you what you need to know. The most important requirement is that you love animals; you have a place where you can offer them safety, stability and love, and that you have a strong desire to help them.

How do I become a Foster Care Parent?

  1. Begin by filling out our foster care application form.

  2. We will contact you and set up an appointment to meet.

  3. We will want to visit your home to see where the animals will be cared for.

  4. We offer basic training in animal care and the fostering of kittens and puppies.

  5. We strive to match the animal and it's needs, with the needs and schedule of our foster parents. Some animals will require constant care (new born kittens and puppies) but others will be fine by themselves for part of the day, so it is entirely possible to have a job AND be a foster parent at the same time!

Thank you for your interest, we hope to hear from you!


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