Lost and Found Pets


The number of pets that are lost and found in Stevens County alone each year is staggering!

We want to offer this page to our community as a virtual "Lost and Found". We hope people will become accustomed to looking here when they've lost a pet, and we hope that when people find a pet they will report it to us.

What should I do if my pet is lost?


Call local animal control, pound, shelters, and rescue groups. Call local police and/or sheriff's dept. Call local veterinarians. Post a listing on Craig's List and in your local newspaper. Post flyers in stores, on telephone poles, and in local animal clinics. Contact us so we can list your info. Offering a reward, is not a bad idea, sometimes it can make all the difference! Organize a search group with friends and relatives. Post a prominent sign or flyer in your front yard with info and photo, saying something like, "Our Dog is Missing".

What should I do if I find a pet?


If you find a pet I would suggest first contacting the area veterinarians with a picture and information about when and where the pet was found (you can take the pet to the veterinarian where they can check for a microchip). Contact all local shelters. You can try posting a few flyers around the area where the pet was found.

If you cannot keep the animal in your home, contact a shelter (make sure it is "no-kill").  If you live in Stevens County you can contact us and if you are in the city of Colville itself, you can contact the police department to get ahold of "Pet Rescue".

If you have lost or found a pet in Stevens County, send us as much information as possible, along with a photo, if possible. Send info to: webmistress@colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary.com

When you've found your pet, or when you've found the owner of a pet, please remember to let us know so we can remove the listing!

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Current List of Lost and Found Pets

Cases are listed in the order in which they are received. Most recent are at the top.

FOUND DOG - Clayton Area


This hound dog was found in Clayton Wa. on the 26th of May. He is wearing a red collar but no tags and is not micro-chipped. He is neutered and appears to be well cared for. Anyone recognize him? Contact number is: 509-939-5421. He was found on Merrit Rd. in Clayton, Approx. half a mile or so from the Clayton drive in restaurant.


LOST DOG - Sand Creek Rd/Pierre Lake Area


LOST DOG - Nine Mile Falls, Wa


LOST DOG - Clark Fork, Id-Heron, Mt Area


LOST DOG - Nine Mile Falls, Wa


STOLEN DOG - Between Addy/Arden area, Wa

Here is the info from the owner:
At 7:30 this morning a small dark and dusty sedan pulled over in my driveway and called my dog over to an open door, snatched the dog away and sped off . This happened just a block or so north of Westover rd off of Old Hwy 12 Mile Rd. between Addy and Arden. Would appreciate any info if you know of this person or have seen this dog. The dog is approx. 6 to 8 lbs, about 11 inches tall. Black dog. Owner's CONTACT number: 690-8456


LOST DOG - Clayton, Wa


This is Bud. He went missing the morning of 1/16 from Clayton, Stevens county line by the Clayton Fairgrounds. He was last seen wearing his orange collar with a black wireless transmitter on it. He is unaltered and right around 5 years old. Any information we can get on his whereabouts would be great, we miss him very much and his son misses him too. Please call 509-789-0298 or 509-863-3839. Lacey and Tim.


FOUND DOG - Tiger Pass Area


This sweet older dog was found yesterday about 10 miles up from Tiger Pass. Deanna, the woman who found her says that she is chipped but the person who had her chipped gave her to someone else (someone named Linda ? ) The previous owner says that she is around 8 years old. She was wearing the red collar seen in the photo (but not the choke chain). Please call if you recognize this dog: 509-863-3529.


FOUND DOG - outside of Kettle Falls Area

This gorgeous boy was found on October 20th on Vanasse Rd. outside of Kettle Falls he appears to be a Healer Shepherd mix, unneutered male, no micro-chip, about one year old. Very well mannered and sweet, has what looks like rope burn on his neck. Found on Vanasse Road outside Kettle Falls running down the road in the rain. No one in the area recognized him. Please give us a call if you recognize this dog. 684-1475


LOST DOG - Colville

We lost our dog Coco on Wednesday, September 10th from 2787 Deep Lake Boundary Rd, Colville. He is not neutered, no collar, about 15 lbs, male, Heeler mix. He was on the road that goes to the Waneda crossing to Canada. Thank you very much. We miss him dearly and are offering a reward. Please call Karolina at 509-732-8669


LOST CAT - Evans, Wa. Area

Her name is Millie and she is a small gray and light orange cat with white feet and a red collar with a tag. She's about a year and a half old. She's friendly but wary of strangers. She was lost near Pritchard Road in Evans. She was last seen in the evening on August 7th. If found, please call (509) 685-1388.


LOST DOG - Northport, Wa. Area

Our dog Boone was last seen on august 7th on Northport Flatcreek Road. We suspect he may have went towards Northport, which he has done before. He is a Brittany spaniel about 8 yrs old & blind. Please let us know if you hear anything & contact Nichole at 509-690-0984.


LOST DOG - Arden/Colville Area


Dreyfus has been missing since Saturday the 28th of June, from Arden area outside of Colville. Male, has shock collar and vet tags, also is micro-chipped from the Sandpoint, Idaho animal shelter. Contact number 690-4897


LOST Cat - Clayton Area

Elvis is a black and white domestic short hair. He was last seen on June 15th in the Clayton Trailer Park. He is wearing a blue and yellow collar. Elvis is microchipped and has tags on his collar with contact phone numbers. Please call with any info: 362-4751 Amber or 216-6631 Jimmy


LOST DOG - Colville /Addy Area


This one should be easy to spot! This is Sunni a Corgi/Lab cross. She was last seen on Saturday at her home on Naff Road out Basin by Haller. Female, white markings on toes chest and chin. Part of her right ear is missing and she was wearing a hot pink collar. Please call Kristin at: 509-680-1427 or 509-680-8898 with any information.



We lost our cat Mojo on Monday 5/26 on Highway 291 near mile marker 17, Dale West Way, and Felton Rd. He is 11 months old. He is unneutered, black medium-long hair with a white belly, white paws and a white stripe between his eyes. He is very friendly and loves to be held. If found please call Lisa 509-496-3108. We desperately want him back home with us!


LOST CAT - Williams Lake or possibly Kettle Falls area


$300.00 Reward for her safe return or $50.00 Reward leading to her remains (the owners would just like some closure in the case that she is deceased)

Please keep an eye out for Puff. Puff is 2 years old, spayed female Ragdoll or Maine coon cat. Brown paws and light grey tabby markings on pale grey fluffy fur and poofy tail. Blue eyes, deep voiced meow.
Her mom wrote...
" I don't think she hitched a ride on my truck when I came to Kettle Falls to pick up kids and go to pharmacy, but, you never know. My route is from 1200 block Williams Lake Rd to Spanish Prairie Rd to 395 to Kettle. I've posted posters and gone door to door at farms along route.




She may have run a long way, she had blisters on pads.


LOST CAT - Suncrest area


We are missing our all BLACK cat from outside SUNCREST near Long Lake Dr/Felton/Lakeview Stonelodge/Lake Forest/Villier/Sundown/ Hwy 291 mile marker 17-18. He is a 7 month old fixed male. Missing since 4/23. Any info please call me 509-217-0024 or 509-276-5006


LOST DOG - Chewelah


Small male terrier (about 12 pounds), tan colored, sort of wired-haired, middle aged. Very sweet, but shy. He wandered from my property near Quarry Browne Lake Road , Chewelah, Saturday, the 26th. Please call Chris with any information: 936-4138.


LOST DOG - Stonelodge Area

Cutie is a spayed 6 year old Chihuahua. She escaped from her yard on March 12, 2014 off of Circle Drive, which is in the Stonelodge area between Tum Tum and Suncrest; Nine Mile Falls zip code. Cutie was wearing a pink, thick vest like halter. Some distinguishing marks on her is her underside. Cutie suffers with allergies and has no hair on her under belly or neck. She most likely will have a bad rash by now and will have blackish skin. Cutie requires a special diet and takes medications for her allergies. She has a family and a lonely companion at home missing her. Please, if you’ve seen her, contact me. Danielle Taylor: 509-475-5167


LOST DOG - Colville Wa. Area

Ghost was last seen around Gold Creek Loop on Monumental Mountain right outside of Colville. He is a white lab and he should have a black collar on, but no tags. I am offering a reward of $100 for his return.
Please call Katie at: 509-690-6763


MISSING CAT - Colville Wa.

Hi, my little girl's cat, Shiver, accidentally rode to town under our truck yesterday (we live in Arden) when my husband stopped in town (in the Carter Toyota parking lot), he saw the cat run off (headed toward Preferred Medical). We searched for him but didn't find him. Please call with any info: 675-2726. Thank you!
He ran off when my husband stopped in the Carter Toyota parking lot. My husband saw him heading south toward Preferred Medical then lost sight of him. I've contacted them and a lady that lives in those apartments to keep an eye out. Thanks for your help. My daughter is so sad and worried.


LOST DOGS- Colville

Still missing in Colville. Please call me if you have seen them. Goose is a 8yr old male with a grey chin, Lilo is a 2 yr old female, she had puppies at the end of November, you can tell still. Please call if you see them 685-9609.


LOST DOG - Usk, Wa.

My American Bulldog, Gracie, went missing Friday 11/15/13 from the corner of Lenora & Leclerc Rd in Usk, Wa. She is white with brown spots and is about 4 years old. She has a choke chain on, no tags but she is micro-chipped. She is spayed. Our family is heartbroken and we are missing a piece of our family. We are offering a $200 reward to anyone who brings her home. We were camping when Gracie was lost, we actually live in Idaho so Gracie is in unfamiliar territory. We are extremely worried about her well-being and if she is ok. She is a very short-haired indoor dog and has been missing for 3 days now. Crystal Handlen - 208-929-0984


LOST DOG - Colville

Please contact Karen Zimmerman 509-684-8031 or 509-684-6113 or Cell: 509-675-2975
There is a Reward being offered!


LOST CAT - Colville


This is Jax, missing from corner of West 8th and Lincoln in Colville. Please call if you have seen him: 684-6951 Or bring him home please!


LOST CAT - Colville

Have lost my cat (Black and White short hair and slim - altered male) in the area of South Pine St. in Colville. Does have a micro chip and his name is Chip. Has been gone since Thursday, Sept 5th. Chip is approx. 5 years old. If found, please call 684-8678. Thank you!




Please keep your eye out for this poor girl, she is a long way from home!


LOST CAT - Loon Lake

Gibbs has gotten lost after the big storm on Sunday. His owner is desperately looking for him. He is a large Orange tabby with white on chest and toes, just a little over 1 years old. He lives in the Pine Meadow subdivision of Loon Lake. Melissa Ridler is Gibbs owner and her phone number is: 509-998-3175 Please call if you have seen him. Gibbs is also micro-chipped # OA12733B69.




Maggie is 9 months old. She jumped the fence this morning at around 9 am in clayton wa. She is a medium to large sized dog. Black and white, long hair, looks like a border collie mix. She is dearly missed and is in training to be a service dog. Very shy and kind of skydish. Please contact celena on the where abouts of this dog or email me. Cell # is (509)710-0893. Thank you. Update: She has been spotted twice in the trailor park between Deer Park and Clayton on Spotted road.


MISSING CAT - Inchelium

Missy is a long-haired black female with yellow eyes. She responds to kitty, kitty. She was last seen in her yard in Inchelium by the school. In the early morning of 07/23/13. No collar. No micro-chip. She is spayed. She is 1 year old. Please contact Casey Baulne at: 509.322.3885 if you see her or found her. Thanks!


LOST CAT - Suncrest area


Pete - Neutered male stripped tabby with white on his chest, feet and the tip of his tail. Been missing for around 3 weeks. Possibly being kept by someone in a house in the Suncrest area. 4 yrs. old. Please let us know if you have seen him or know of anyone that may have him. Louise 509 844 4307


LOST DOG - Tum Tum

Our female Rat Terrier Roxy was lost on July 4th. We came home from friends house to find the door open and Roxy gone. She is black and white with tan face, and she has 1 black claw. She is shy and timid and barks when scared. We are so sad without her, please help us find her. Last seen at 5719 Riverview lane in Tum Tum, Wa. Reward if found! Pls call 318-780-7868 or 509-276-5503 if found or seen! Thank u... Liz


LOST DOG - Newport


Wish I had more info and a photo but this is all I've been able to get.

"Male, unaltered, tri-colored, St. Bernard. Lost July 1,2013 from Newport. Had a black collar with a tag. (509)951-3584"


Lost Cat - Colville

George has been missing from the Maple st. area in Colville since June 12th. His owners live on Maple Street, just north of 6th. He is a few years old and about 12 lbs, no collar and not micro-chipped. If any kind Colville soul sees him, please call the sanctuary at: 684-1475 George is greatly missed by his family. ~ Rhonda C. Wittorf


LOST DOG - Chewelah

Sugar went missing from Chewelah area in early June 2013. She is a sweet girl, fond of treats and anything edible or smelly, and can be dog aggressive with dogs she does not know. Specifics: 7 year old, spayed female, husky/border collie mix. Black and white coloring like a border collie, pointed ears and curled tail like a husky. One blue eye, one brown. Wearing a metal choke collar with black id tag ("Sugar Work, 603-568-8377"), rabies tag. She is micro-chipped with a HomeAgain id chip #985121004736055.


Puppy Stolen in Colville

This 11wk old puppy went missing from Colville area on May 30th around 1 O'Clock in the afternoon. The puppy was taken from the owner's backyard. Not micro-chipped. There is a reward for his return. Please call Richard at 690-2657 or 680-4533. We need everyone's help to find him, so please share!


Small Dog Lost in North Spokane

This is Scooter a male Miniature Schnauzer. He is all white, with brown eyes, small cropped ears and a short docked tail. An adult dog, 12-15 lb., he is not microchipped, and was not wearing a collar. Missing since March 29th. We are offering a generous cash reward for Scooter's return home. Please call with any information. Phone: 509-389-4800




Missing from Gardenspot and Spotted Roads area. Last seen by us on March 13th. Answers to Macy









My Dapple Dachshund is missing or stolen, and would appreciate if you would keep an eye out for her . Moses lake, Wash. Please share this will others shelters, vets in your area, the more exposure, maybe someone will see her or take her to a shelter or vet. Thank you!!!

She has a right blue eye and brown left eye, black with brown on feet, name is Cissy, White on chest and side. If found, please contact us 509 765 6218 or cell is 760 5463, leave your name and phone number. She has been missing for a month today and we really miss her and want her back, no questions asked, just home and safe and unharmed.






This is Rusty..Rusty is a 1 year old intact male Springer Spaniel lost in the City of Newport. Rusty was lost in the Area of SR 41 where it turns up the hill past the overpass.


Rusty's owners would sure like to find him. If you see Rusty please call Dahlins at: 509 279 8898



I'm Lost!

Have you seen me?

This is Milo, he went missing sometime around June 1st. in the Spokane area, but his owner sent Milo's information to us, just in case he shows up in our area.

 Milo is a border collie-blue heeler mix, mostly white with black speckles, black floppy ears, a black patch over his left eye, and a bushy tail.  He is a medium-sized dog (he was about 33 lbs.), and will be 3 years old in September.  He was wearing a striped collar with tags, and he is micro-chipped.  Milo and his owners were hiking up on the trails above John Shields Park/Minnehaha Rocks, near Upriver Dam, when he decided to chase something (probably deer) and didn't come back.
If you have seen Milo please give us a call at:


Help! I'm Lost!


This is Chicky a neutered male Chihuahua. Chicky went missing in the Waitts Lake area in Chewelah on July 13th. He is brown and white and approx. five years old.
Chicky does have a micro-chip.

Please call Michelle at: 509-599-1313
Pat at: 509-684-1475










Lost On Lotze Creek Rd !

Daisy was last seen on Lotze Creek Rd. across the street

from the Onion Creek School, on May 13th. She is 6 years

old and very friendly. (she is not wearing the collar!)


Dani (509) 675-4184

If you have lost a pet in Stevens County, send us the information (pet description, location last seen, name of pet, date the pet went missing, contact info, and any other information that might help) and a photo if possible and we will post a notice here. Send info to: webmistress@colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary.com

If you find a pet in Stevens County we are happy to list it here. Send us the information (pet description, location found, identifying marks or items such as a collar, contact info so we can call you, and a picture is very helpful if you can get one. If you can't keep the pet at your home, please let us know. Send info to: webmistress@colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary.com

When you've found your pet, or when you've found the owner of a pet you have found, please remember to let us know so we can remove the listing!