In Memory of Maisy

In loving memory of Maisy Lessard, lover of adventure, fine little traveller, and playmate extraordinaire. She will be missed by her family and all those whose lives she enriched in her Seattle neighborhood as well as here in eastern Washington. Godspeed, little beauty. You will be in our hearts forever.

~ Lennox Ryland & Family

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In Memory of Sparky

Sanctuary mascot and sweetest cat in the world...

Sadly Sparky crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. We knew he was old and he has had continuing health problems, but he had been happy with us. Recently though, Sparky's health began to decline so we brought him to Colville Animal Hospital. His Dr. told us that as frail as he was, there was really nothing that could be done to help him... Our Sparky was simply an old kitty and it was his time. It was felt that the kindest and most loving course to take was to gently put him to sleep.

Sandy was with him, so he was not alone. I know she will miss sharing the computer with him and having him sit beside her during office hours. We will miss him checking to make sure we feed the kitties the right food (always taking a taste) and having him watch the mixing of medications to be given, and most of all - who will greet us in the morning when we arrive to work? He touched all our hearts the day he was first brought to the sanctuary, more dead than alive. It was not his time then, so he refused to go, and seemed to know that he had found a home. This is a very sad day for the volunteers at the Sanctuary, but we believe in the Rainbow Bridge.... we will see you then Sparky.

~The CVAS Volunteers and Family

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In Memory of Ozzy

Ozzy was diagnosed with cancer July 2, 2012. He had surgery to remove 3 tumors and then had chemo treatments until November. He was at that point cancer-free, and then it returned right before Christmas. We were able to keep him alive until March by feeding him home-cooked meals every night, and lots of supplements and love.

Even though I live in the Seattle area, Ozzy has been to Colville. I took him for a 3 day weekend at Bull Hill Ranch. He loved the trail rides with the horses…but not as much as he loved to catch the Frisbee, chew on his jolly ball and being with his mom and dad. He was such a loyal and well-behaved dog and is terribly missed by many besides us.
~Holly Livingston

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In Memory of Kat

The Angel of Grief

The Angel of Grief follows me daily.
The Angel of Grief whispers in my ear.
Your best friend howls with her grief.
Your best friend is draped over your grave.

The feeling of guilt haunts me tonight.
When is it time? How do you know?

The weight of my loneliness crushes my soul.
My heart is crying, I cannot bear it.
I miss you today, and walk with you still.

You are my friend.
You came to stay at my side.

I bless you to go.
I beg you to soar.

You're running, you're playing.
I'm crying for you.

You're happy, you're safe; you're whole once again.

Peace covers us all and we are blessed with your love.

~In memory of Kat~

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In Memory of Cody the Mal

In loving memory of our rescue malamute Cody with whom we shared 15 plus years of companionship. He always had a smile and loved to play. Everyone who saw him smiled too! We miss him everyday.

~Glenn & Ilona Elliott

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In Memory of Bidde

She came to us on a very cold, rainy night in December about 8 years ago.  She was only about 9 months old then.  She was soaking wet and just adorable.  Even though we already had 2 cats and a dog, it was love at first sight so she became part of our family and very soon "queen" of the household.  She was smart, pretty & comical and a heroin, twice saving my husband's life.  Bidde always slept with him at night, and he being a severe diabetic, was awakened from sleep on two separate occasions when Bidde walked on his face, meowing until he woke up.  He knew something was wrong and realized his blood sugar was dangerously low and needed immediate attention.  We were often the recipients of her many "gifts" from her hunting trips.  She was a loving companion, leaving us broken-hearted when she passed away from cancer at age 8 years old in February 2012.  She remains always our "Special Angel"

~Joan Rael

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In Memory of Dakota

In memory of our beloved Dakota.  

Arrived 11/2004 – Departed, Oct 13th, 2011

Late November, 2004: A dumped stray dog wandered upon our property in the middle of the night. It was the first snowfall of the season and the first after arriving here to our new home on October 16th. I had noticed large paw prints in the snow at the base of the front porch leading up to Riley’s water bowl. The stray would reveal himself later on and remain in the neighborhood for the rest of the day. He was howling pitifully, in search of a new home and a family he could call, "his pack."

After a two week extensive search, including but not limited to posting photos of him around the area, to no avail for his owner(s) we decided to keep him. He would be called ...Dakota. His breed was thought to be Alaskan malamute, Sheppard and arctic wolf. The local vet would assess his age to be between 3-4 years. He also displayed behavioral traits commonly seen with animals that have been abused and it would be several weeks before he felt comfortable enough to be the dog we would eventually know him to be.  He would become an endearing friend and loyal companion, especially to Becky during those long months when I was away working.
October 12th, 2011: Veterinary x-rays would reveal an enlarged, spleen, an enlarged prostate, and other non-conclusive ailments, possibly including a tumor. Dakota had not eaten in a week and had become incontinent. It was also very obvious that the arthritis in his hips had worsened by the discomfort he displayed just sitting, standing and walking.
October 13th: It was a gorgeous Fall day here in the Inland Northwest and I had just returned from a short haul to Minot, North Dakota. The sun was shining with a warm gentle breeze and the lake was calm. The pine trees on the "lower 40"  of our property had dropped a few more needles which lay about and the summer foliage, had begun to display their vibrant Fall colors, letting us know the long cold winter months would soon be upon us.
We spent the whole day with Dakota, comforting and reassuring him that everything was going to be okay and that we would be okay. He lay at our feet as we napped down by the lake with only the wind in the trees and a resident pine squirrel breaching the peaceful stillness that was so comforting in moments like these when time had been requested to stand still. The day seemed to take its time passing by until the 3:00 PM hour arrived.
 At 4:30 PM, we were joined by our long time friends, Doug and Melanie Box who have been there for us so many times across the years. Melanie had come over and spent the day with Becky when her dog, Riley had to be put down two years previous.
5:15 PM PDT: An extremely difficult but necessary decision was made. A local mobile vet was called to assist us with what had become the humane necessity to our severely ailing companion. So down by the lake, with his head in my lap, and Becky lying next to him, Dakota quietly and peacefully passed away.
He was laid to rest in the first of the 22 dens he had dug on our property...and others. 

Our home now has a huge void where he resided for 7 years. It sometimes feels odd to not see him lying on the lawn somewhere or on his bed next to the windows on the porch.
The absence of those little routines of his and ours that had become so much a part of our daily lives are now reminders of the magnitude of the loss of our beloved: "Mr. D, One-eyed Jack, Burris (from all the burs that used to get stuck in his fur) Muttley, Big Dog on the block, Old dog on the block and most of all...Dakota.

He was known as "the gentleman" in this neighborhood by those who really knew him and will be incredibly missed. There are many who have wonderful memories of him singing & howling, playing with the children, chasing off Coyotes, lying in the neighbors flower beds, indiscriminately digging dens, gently escorting stray dogs off of our property, snapping at bugs and just being "Dakota."  We were impressed by the fact that it only took one encounter each to learn his lesson about skunks and porcupines.
As for Becky and I, since that day, some moments are better than others and we will always feel blessed that such a wonderful animal that had been discarded for reasons unknown wandered onto our property and chosen us to be his new pack. We’re comforted by the fact that we had given him a second chance at life and that he was able to live out his last 7 years, free, in the country and in his element, with his favorite, being the snow.
 "Thank you, Dakota for all that you brought into our lives. We can never replace you... none of us who knew you will never forget you and we'll always love you!"
Jayson J Stone

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In Memory of Bob

BobCat, aka: Bob-the-Cat, aka: our cat Bob, died suddenly this past Monday morning, surrounded by family. Bob was born Sept. 20, 2004, with Cerrebella Hypoplasia, so he didn’t have the balance necessary to walk on his own. At 6 weeks old he came to live with us, thanks to Candi who brought him home from the vet for ‘observation’ ...8 years later we were still observing.

He never let his disability slow him down. Crawling from one end of the house or yard-to the other. He even caught a couple of birds on his own. He lived a very full and pampered life in Colville, but also did a short time with Tami in Spokane and then a couple other times in Cashmere with Candi, but always returned home to Colville.

He was special, people who didn't like cats liked Bob. He was also a well-traveled cat, riding easily in a car on the seat beside you or curled up on a blanket on top of a pile of stuff in the back. He traveled to Cashmere many times to visit. He went to Mo., Id., and Or. on a 600 mile road trip one summer, and more recently went east to the Dakotas and Michigan visiting family. He made friends everywhere he went, and has been snuck into many, many hotels!

He had perfect manners and never jumped up on ANY counter-tops. He didn’t have any kids of his own but he had several feline friends at home, that hung out with him so he never felt alone. I know Bob is the reason my 2 grandsons love cats so much. You were a lot of work Bob, but well worth the effort. He died peacefully at home on Nov. 26th, 2012 with me by his side. He was 8 yrs. old. We are hopeful that Bob is somewhere now where he can feel what its like to run and jump on his own and we are smiling at how amazing that must feel.

~Cindy Thueringer and family

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In Memory of Edgar

Edgar was our dear 4-legged son who filled our lives with laughter, joy and some­times frustration when WE weren't learning HIS way to do something quite as fast as he'd like!  

For 14 years his incredible sense of smell kept our kitchen floor spotless and only since he's been gone, have we realized what a job that was and how many snacks he enjoyed—keeping Mom's floor lookin' good. He quickly taught us that spelling was the only way to fool him when it came to casually discussing among our­selves if it was time to "walk", "eat", "go," etc.

How quiet our time is now when we arrive home and listen in vain, to hear that loving, excited bark, seeing a tail up, wag­ging furiously, just to say "Gosh, I missed you guys!" It has been nearly two years and we still miss him every day.

~Don and Carlene Eneroth - lonely parents

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In Memory of Roxie

My dearest Roxie girl- I can never thank you enough for all the times you got up with me during the night when I was sick or couldn't sleep. You were always at my side or right outside the door. You were the best dog & friend I could ever wish for & can never be replaced. Your heart was so big & full of love it couldn't continue on. You are missed immensely.


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In Memory of Miss Thomas

You just peeked in my window and stole my heart. I miss you always and think of you with much love.


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In Memory of Alley Baby & Mr. Wheaties

Mr. Wheaties (tabby) and Alley Baby (gray) you gave me unconditional love and support over many years. Both of you passed on, over the past 18 months. I love and miss you.


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In Memory of Sirius

In the spring of 2004, my dad walked across the road to look at birds and came back with two little black kittens. It was evening and starting to get dark. My mom and brother went and got the other two and they were the highlight of my brother's graduation. There were three black ones and a tortoiseshell. We kept a black one and named him Sirius after the dog in Harry Potter. We had him for 5 years and he was my 4-H cat. He was an indoor only cat because he was death on birds. We came home from a college football game one weekend and found him dead. We are not really sure what happened, but he was acting a little sick before we left. My mom was mad at herself for not taking him to the vet, but maybe there wasn't anything anybody could do. I miss him and his goofy ways.


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In Memory of Martha

We got Martha as a kitten from a friend. She was so timid and afraid of new people and sudden movements.  During the 16 years we had her she turned out to be such a loving kitty and she became my 4-H cat.  She turned out to be a great mouser even though she was an indoor kitty, although she occasionally make outings onto the back porch.  When Martha got older, she quit eating and had kidney problems.  We ended up having to give her liquids and force her to eat.  Finally, we knew it was time.  We miss her and her sweet and quiet ways.


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In Memory of Bella

Bella came to us from a home that was not suited for her; covered with lice, which made her look like she had been in dog fights, which she had not. Our vet diagnosed her with Lupus, she was a sick little dog who needed a loving home. Our plan was to get her stable and then find her a wonderful forever home. As it turned out, we were the forever home. We fell in love with her sweet personality and loving ways.
We had her for 2 1/2 wonderful years before she passed away from the Lupus. She loved to watch TV, ride in the truck and in general was always with us. She brought such joy and love to our lives. We miss her terribly.

~Judy & Ted

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In Memory of Ritzi

Carolan recently had to let her beloved companion Ritzi of 17 years, cross over the Rainbow Bridge.   There is such heart break when we lose an old friend but for all of us who believe in the Rainbow Bridge, we know that we will meet our beloved pets again one day.  Rest peacefully Ritzi.


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In Memory of Smokey

This is in memoriam to "Smokey"..... He was our faithful and loving companion who never ceased to amaze us.  He will always remain in our hearts where he is much loved and so very much missed.

~Sharon & Don

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In Memory of Boo

After being thrown from a moving vehicle in October of 2002 "Boo" came into our lives and became a valued and loved member of our family. For seven years "Boo" played, explored and lived a happy life.  Unfortunately, our lives were forever changed on the morning of July 24, 2009 when some one trapped and killed our precious "Boo".

It is amazing how the senseless action of one individual has so negatively impacted our lives.  This intentional act of cruelty not only broke our hearts, but also opened our eyes to the animal cruelty that exists.  Mahatma Gandhi stated "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"...

We know "Boo" is in heaven and he is free to run and play. We miss him dearly.  He was a very special boy.

~Jill & David


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In Memory of Sophie

Blind since birth, Sophie was living on the streets of Tacoma when a local rescue group received the call: "Come and pick her up or we’re going to use her to train our hunting dog." Amazingly, this spunky little cat with an unfailingly upbeat attitude was managing to get by on her own in one of the roughest areas of town.

At the time I picked her up, she was infested with fleas, bare in spots, and her eyes were infected and weeping. Although I had intended to transport her directly to a humane society, I hit a brick wall when I was told that due to her disability she was “unadoptable” and would, most certainly, be euthanized. I took her home, washed her up, and put a cute collar on her, thinking that I would give her a few days to adjust before trying again. And you know the rest of the story.

Sophie lived with me, and was the light of my life, for 12 years. Never once during that time did she ever let her disability get her down. When she would bump into the wall or a piece of furniture (which happened quite a bit), she would just correct her course and keep on going. After the first few months, she knew the house so well that she could navigate it flawlessly, jumping up and down from the windowsill or the bed without so much as a hesitation. I once found her at the very top of a six-foot stepladder that I had been using to get into the attic. She was sitting proudly at the very top.

Sophie loved the outdoors, which was something that she didn't get to experience nearly enough after she came into my life. She would explore the deck and garden with gusto, stepping carefully so as to not lose her footing. Her fur would glisten in the sun, and she would poke her little nose way up in the air, as if to feel the breeze on her face and to take in all the smells she possibly could.

Sophie was an incredible little soul. She had a passion for life and a resilience that just wouldn't quit. I believe that she survived on her own for the first two years of her life because she believed she had a right to live and because it never occurred to her to cower in a corner or to just give up. Sophie was loving and absolutely trusting. She was the most sensitive being that I have ever known. Her intuition was remarkable, and at times I swore she was able to read my mind.

In later life, as her health began to fail, Sophie lost her ability to hear as well. She became more dependent on me, and I became even more protective of her. Our relationship came to be based entirely upon touch and intuition. For the last four months of her life, I knew we were on borrowed time, and we became even closer. I’m so grateful for that time and the things she taught me in the quiet moments I spent with her near the end.

Rest softly, Sophie.

~a loving friend


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In Memory of Buster

Buster was our sweet little boy. He was only four years old when he was taken from us very suddenly. He was a loving spirit who enjoyed smothering people in kisses, being chased, hamburgers and ice cream, playing hide-and-go-seek with his daddy, and cuddling. He was a friend to everyone he met. Buster is survived by his heart-broken parents, Ryan and Annie, his adopted sister, Bambi, and his six kitties, Pootie, Sunshine, Kramer, Doorman, Tank, and Baby, whom he loved to play with. His big brother and mentor, Romeo, preceded him and is, I am sure, showing him the ropes in heaven.

~Annie & Ryan


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