In memory of Harley

R.I.P. to my Handsome, Brown Eyed boy. Harley, you were the most loyal, loving companion to us for the past 14 years. You were my constant sidekick, always checking on me to make sure I was home. While I was at work you hung with dad roaming the property with your carefree ways. We will miss you terribly but hope that you are now pain free. Thank you handsome boy.
~ Nancy Krajcik

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In memory of Phyllis Largent

A wonderful friend and neighbor who loved her dogs.

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In memory of Mugsy

This is a letter to memorialize a beautiful little rescue dog named Mugsy. My friend Ron fell in love with her at first sight 2 1/2 years ago at a doggie fundraiser in Colville Park. She had on a red scarf with big white letters, "Adopt Me" which Ron didn't waste too much time in doing. She blossomed with lots of affection and was soon taking hikes with my dog, Fluffy, little legs just pumping to keep up with us.

Often when walking people would stop and go first to Mugsy because she just came up to them asking to be petted. Same way at Parkview, the residents could pick her up and she would snuggle right up to them. She loved children too always asking for a little love. I felt this was miraculous as her background had been unspeakably horrible. We set out to do everything to spoil her as we felt she deserved it.

It is with a mourning heart that we miss her. The only comfort I am feeling is in knowing that perhaps her life was meant to help bring people to an awareness of how special the rescue dogs can be and also that perhaps through the help of the Sanctuary other homeless dogs and cats can find forever homes.

If you would like to donate anything toward this worthy cause, please send it in Mugsy's name. They could also use more volunteers to care for the animals. If not for the Sanctuary Mugsy wouldn't have found us and Blessed our lives in ways uncountable

- Dolores Smith

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In memory of Debra Sue Reeser

September 23, 1962 - August 15, 2015 Debbie was a sensitive soul with a deep capacity for love. She lived her life with profound love for all those around her. She loved deeply all animals and never passed by one in need. Your gentle soul will be deeply missed. ~ By Leila Kent

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In memory of Jake Ganikon

Big black gentle dog.
Playmate. Weekend date. Soulmate.
No dog was loved more.

-Mark Ganikon

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In memory of St. Nick

He came to us a long ago when he was found wobbling the streets and alleyways of Colville. It was thought that he had been hit by a car because he wobbled when he walked, as it turned out St. Nick had a growth of some sort in his ear. We all loved his sweet personality and calm ways. He was a wise old cat with wonderful advice. We spent many an hour during my nightly rounds solving the problems of the world. He loved the afternoons that Becca spent with him outside in the sunshine so he could walk through the grass. Rest in peace St. Nick, you are greatly missed.

-Purrcy and all the volunteers at CVAS

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In memory of Alf.

Goodbye my friend Alf...I know that you are now in a better place where you are no longer sick. I do miss you terribly, our long talks during my nightly rounds, discussing the politics of shelter life. We smile when we think of your playful antics, you are in our hearts forever.

-Your Feline friend Purrcy.

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In memory of Bootie, my best girl.

- Sara Schwagler

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In Memory of Quinn

Quinn came to us at 7 weeks old in June of 2001. He was the only boy in a large litter. His father was Trucker, Dr. Ed Kowitz's golden. He became fast friends with our pug Maja and our German Shepherd Misty. Misty showed him the ropes as far as his career as a search and rescue dog. He was very good at his searching. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2001, he was a stead fast reason to go through my treatments and a constant source of cheer while I was recovering. Throughout his life he was a wonderful companion and a friend to everyone he crossed paths with. He loved the time he got to spend at our lake property at Black Lake where he became good friends with Dr. Maggie and Steve. So that is where his final resting place is. When we brought a pug puppy into his life last fall and an orange tabby kitten from the sanctuary he accepted them with all his heart and they all became best buddies. They miss him so much as do my husband and I. Quinn will forever be in our hearts and on our minds. Rest in peace "big boy".

- Sue Swim

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In Memory of John Dee Mykines

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In Memory of Andre

This is in memory of Andre, my 21 year old Siamese who was just pure love. He is seen here with his adopted bro, Brian, who was rescued by CVAS 3 years ago. May all the animals find the forever homes they deserve. Thank you again for all that you do for the animals (and for the people who are lucky enough to connect with them).

- Lisa Applegate

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In Memory of Cheyenne

Cheyenne, you went too soon, and we miss you too much. You'll forever have a place in our heart.

- Patricia H.

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In memory of Merle T. Toulou

Merle T. Toulou, May 15, 1973-March 11, 2015, was an avid animal lover all his life with extra soft spot for dachshunds. He raised many animals though out his life, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, dogs an cats. He an wife late wife Lynda always helped animals in need an donated monthly to the ASPCA.

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In memory of Cheeto

Cheeto came to the sanctuary along with his siblings when he was just a few days old. He was taken to foster by the Durnell family. Beth especially became very attached to him. Eventually Cheeto was adopted into a nice family who loved him very much. We were very sad to learn that Cheeto was recently hit and killed by a car. He was such a great kitten. He was very friendly, quick to purr, and got along great with everyone. He was very easy-going and was the kind of cat that you could do anything with and he didn’t seem to mind. Cheeto was only a year old! He will be greatly missed.

Cheeto with Beth his foster mom when he was just a tiny kitten.

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In memory of Frank Mangelsdorf

In loving memory of Frank Mangelsdorf who was a true animal lover and helped animals whenever he could.

~ Pam and Ray Steele

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In memory of Barbaro

These donations were made by the members of FOB in honor of Barbaro. "Barbaro was an American thoroughbred racehorse who decisively won the 2006 Kentucky Derby, but shattered his leg two weeks later in the 2006 Preakness Stakes, ending his racing career and eventually leading to his death."

FOB stands for Fans of Barbaro. A group of animals lovers who came together online to follow Barbaro's recuperation process after breaking down in the 2006 Preakness, they stayed together even after he was euthanized in January 2007. They work in many ways to save the lives of dogs, cats, horses, and all animals. Many are active politically to increase awareness and encourage lawmakers to pass animal protection laws, ban horse slaughter, stop dog fighting, etc.

FOB members participate in a monthly effort to raise donations for "brick and mortar" rescues. Picking from names of rescues submitted by their members, one rescue is drawn each month. CVAS is honored to have been chosen as FOB's February recipient.

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In memory of Pepper

In memory of Pepper, my 18 yo Yorkie Poo whom I loved very much!

- Tereasa MICHALAK

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In memory of our beloved Dodge!

In the fall of 2004 the local humane society put a picture of this beautiful boy in the paper asking for money. You see he had been hit by a car, wrapped in a blanket and dumped at the shelter. The hardest part of this story is the shelter does not open until noon and this boy could not move. Believe me when I say, Dodge did not look a thing like this picture when we met him in January 2005!

Bob and I knew it would be easy to give money, hard to take the dog as his injuries were many and he would certainly require continual medical treatment. But we were willing to help and we never ever regretted one moment of that decision! You see 2 weeks after Dodge was adopted, Bob was diagnosed with stage 2 B-Cell Lymphoma. Dodge needed hip surgery and Bob needed cancer treatment in Portland at OHSU. Oh my, 250 miles apart but somehow we found a way and then we watched miracles begin to happen as Bob and Dodge healed together.

Two years later Bob was diagnosed with stage 4, extra capillary Squamous Cell cancer of his lymph nodes. This time we has to move to Portland for daily radiation and Dodge was back at the boarder where he patiently waited for his family to return. During this treatment Bob suffered a 3rd heart attack. When we finally arrived home this beloved dog was once again right by his side helping him recover.

Two years later Dodge slipped and tore his ACL. Another big surgery only this one was much worse than anyone realized. Dodge had lots of damage to this leg from the original accident that had gone undiagnosed. Now it was Bob’s turn to help Dodge heal. His recovery was slow and steady but Dodge was never really able to run with the wind again so we made adjustments ... like ramps, and special foam beds for a comfy ride in the pickup. To help ease his pain Dodge was taking lots of human drugs and even though he slowed down we continued to walk daily, we camped, we traveled and Dodge thanked us in more ways than we can recount for helping him. He fished and kissed the fish (yes really he did), he ran with the wind on the beach, he loved campfires, and sharing a banana in the morning was the way we started our day.

In late July of 2014 Dodge became quite ill. We rushed him to the Vet where she diagnosed him with Acute Pancreatic. She wanted Dodge to come home that evening and return in the AM for more fluids/meds. etc. An hour and a half after arriving home, our beloved Dodge passed away. Devastated is an understatement but then I am sure all of you who have shared your lives with an animal feels exactly the same way!

Dodge taught us the real meaning of unconditional love. He will live in our hearts forever and we still talk to him and thank him for choosing us to share his amazing life with for 9 1/2 years.

We miss you Dodgie dear!

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In memory of Sophie

In loving memory of Sophie, our much loved Boxer.

~ Jim & Karen Foster

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In memory of William "Jolly" Haynes

In loving memory of William "Jolly" Haynes of Chewelah, Wa.

~ Tina Barina

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