In Memory of Milt

In loving memory of my Milt. Dogs have always been part of our life and the best has been our rescue Sparky and Tango. I love you Milty

~ Joyce Powers

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In Memory of Karl & Tony

In memory of Karl and Tony our cat pals for 17 years. You guys were with me through the best and worst times. Always a delight and a comfort for me.

~ Karelle Anthony

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In Memory of Hobbes

In memory of my boy Hobbes! One of my feral colony that only made it a year and a half - but he was loved

~ Fran Wells

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In Memory of Smokie

In loving memory of Smokie, 1986 - 2006. RIP

~ Shellie Dickson

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In Memory of Morphy

In memory of Morphy, a very special Main coon feline who enriched our lives - we miss you and thank you and know you are at peace.

Steven & Becky

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In Memory of Vader

In loving memory of Vader...

~ Chuck Montgomery

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In Memory of Shadrach

In loving memory of our sweet tabby cat, Shadrach. He was a wonderful part of our family and will be greatly missed.

~ Emily & Steve Rayson

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In Memory of Phyllis Hyatt

In loving memory of Phyllis Hyatt, a longtime resident of Colville, who cared deeply about the welfare of animals.

~ Janet & Tom Cunningham

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In Memory of Clause & Pippin

In memory of my special boys, Clause and Pippin~I didn't have you for very long but your paw prints will stay on my heart forever. I'll see you again someday.

~ Christina Vanhorn

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In Memory of Sadie

To Sadie, I wish I could hold and hug you just one more time. I will always remember the good times we had together.

~ Patricia Henslee

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In Memory of Baloo

In memory of our beloved son and pet ,Baloo(10/31/05-02/23/2013)

Baalu, I love you.
Today is a difficult day
You left us and are gone far away.
It has been a whole year
But feels like I held you just yesterday.

It hurts like nothing has before
We mourn our loss
But we have to remember
We had to let you go
Be free from your pain and suffering
You were hurting too
I hope we were fair to you.

I have missed you every day
365 days today.
I have said good morning to you
And bid good nite too.
I have spoken to you at times
When I missed your terribly

I miss your smell and touch
I miss your kisses and hugs
I miss you pawing at me
To make sure I was okay
I miss you scratching the door
And whining to go outdoor

I wait for someone to steal my toast
As I turn around
But it is still there on my plate
I miss you Baloo

RooRoo was born after you went
She never got to see you
Never got to pet you and know you
She will however know of you through me.
Mahi misses you too
She asks if you can come back.
She loved you just like you did her.

Daddy and I miss you too
Kippu misses you too
He has kept us together
During this time of stress and grief.
I imagine that you left a part of you in him

Goodbye again
We will meet everyday
In my thoughts and prayers
I hope you are happy and playing
Knowing that your mommy is here
Always thinking about you.

Love you always.

~Mommy and family (Hetal, Shri,Mahi, Ruhi and Kippu)

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In Memory of Cricket & Casper

This donation was made in loving memory of Cricket and Casper.
~ by Judy Bernier

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In Memory of Nutmeg, Rocky & Willy

This donation was made in loving memory of Nutmeg, Rocky and Willy.
~ by Cindee OBrien

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In Memory of Margaret Snook

This donation is made in memory of Margaret Snook, a woman who cared deeply about abandoned and abused animals.
~ By Sue Sherbrooke, her daughter.

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In Memory of Oscar the Grouch

To Oscar our wonderful grouchy shelter kitty. We all loved you and will miss your grouchy ways. You left us too soon but we treasure the years we shared with you, the shelter seems empty without you. Rest in peace until we all meet again at Rainbow Bridge.
~ Pat, Nancy, Becca and all the Sanctuary volunteers

"Oscar loved to suck on Blankets"

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In Memory of Cherie & Scout

In memory of my mother Cherie and my most favorite dog Scout.
~ Marilynn Carlson

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In Memory of Meryl Streep

In loving memory of Meryl Streep, a wild, beautiful and very independent soul who greatly preferred the company of other cats to humans, and the adventure and solitude of the great outdoors to the confinement and security of a human home . She will be missed.
~ Sue Marvin

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In Memory of Mamma Kitty Nelson

Mamma Kitty, Seattle rodent killer extraordinaire, suffered from feline asthma and was lovingly cared for by her owner, Melody Nelson, for over a decade. Melody gave Mamma a wonderful, loving home, and she will be forever missed as a fixture on the red sofa. God speed, Mamma. You were one of a kind and you were adored.

~ Maggie Ryland

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In Memory of Duey & Sparkie

A farewell to two wonderful friends, Sparkie and Duey. Sparkie is black and white, Duey an Orange tabby. They came to our home many years ago, first Sparkie and then Duey followed suit, both looking for a quiet, safe and loving home.

We discovered that they had left their prior home because of dogs. With the blessing of their prior owners we accepted them into our home and a wonderful relationship formed. They were so different from one another; Sparkie, aka Rock Hudson, was a big handsome boy with big paws but could not hunt if his life depended on it. His favorite place was on my mom's lap. A true lover boy.

Duey, with razor sharp teeth and claws was an awesome hunter of rodents, often leaving his headless trophies for me to see. Our friendship lasted a little over 10 years when they passed on. Sparkie and Duey, you will forever be in my heart, never to be forgotten and always loved.
~ Charles Meyers

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In Memory of Ruby

In loving memory of Ruby. We had been on a camping trip to Metaline Falls, that was our last camping trip with our dear little dog, Ruby. She had been suffering from kidney failure for a long time; and by the time we arrived home, she wasn't feeling well. We took her to the vet Monday, but there was nothing he could do, short of dialysis. We took her home and by Wednesday, we had to go back to the vet for her to be put to sleep. I'm so happy we had a couple of days to cuddle her and say our goodbyes. She was a rescue - the best kind!

When we were in Glacier Nat'l Park a few years ago, a deer came up to Ruby and seemed to want to play. Ruby was always gentle around deer and cats. They seemed to know that she wouldn't hurt them.

~ Kathy & Ted Hay

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